Get Hired and Start Work Today!

Get Hired and Start Work Today!

We understand that service industry jobs have a very high turnover rate and sometimes employers are left with half of their staff gone in a single day. This leaves the employer in a rush to fill those positions ASAP. Do you need to hire someone and have them ready to work right away? App-A-Minute provides you the solution to hire a quality employee and have them ready to work the same day! Heres how:
  • Video Interview:

    Employers can conduct real-time video interviews with candidates through our portal. This eliminates the time and resources required of in-person interviews.

  • Messaging:

    Employers and jobseekers can message each other all within our platform. No more getting bombarded or spammed with emails.

  • Employee onboarding:

    Employees can conveniently fill out & sign W-4, W-9 and I9 forms. So whether you’re an independent contractor or an employee, we’ve got you covered. New hiree’s can upload crucial documents--such as your ID, Social Security Card and any certificates or credentialing documents the employer may require--directly into the employer's document management system. No more spending time going back forth to sign or submit documents. All of this can be done in the same day and you can have an employee ready to work whenever you need.

  • Training Videos:

    Employers can upload “job-specific” training videos and share it with their new hires. Meaning as a new employee, you will be trained before your first day of work. We make sure your new hires are ready to work before stepping foot into the business.

  • Background checks:

    Through our partnership with checkr, employers have the ability to run background checks within our portal. App-A-Minute takes away the hassle of finding a source to run background checks, we believe that you shouldn’t have to go through a complicated journey just to ensure a safe workplace.

  • Employee Time Tracking:

    A lot of service industry businesses still keep track of employee hours the old-fashioned way: with paper time cards. Now employers can keep track of employee hours by utilizing our geo-tracked clock-in/clock-out feature via the employee's smartphone or website. This will allow employers to track employee timesheets and have the data ready for whatever payroll platform they may already be using.